Keep Baby Safe say No to Toxins

Today is all about the toxins that affect your family and especially your children.

It’s time to Keep Baby Safe, say No to Toxins, that poison our food, bodies, homes and planet.

It’s surprising how many child and baby products have toxic ingredients in them. We all think that if they are gentle enough for a baby they must be okay. Right? No, very wrong.

Even when my eldest grandchildren were young baby products weren’t good. I worked in a pharmacy and my then boss looked at the ingredients on baby shampoo and told me they were detergent, using washing up liquid would be the same. I was horrified. Why would manufacturers put toxic chemicals in anything but especially a baby’s products?

The Chemicals to look out for. Toxic Keep Baby Safe say No to Toxins

  • Fragrance. Look for on label: fragrance, parfum. …
  • Mineral oil. Look for on label: mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffinum, parrafinum liquididum.
  • Parabens.
  • Phenoxyethanol.
  • Sodium lauryl (ether) sulfate.
  • Polyethylene glycol. Look for PEG and a number. The lower the number, the more easily it is absorbed into the skin.

So many personal care products, such as soaps, shampoos and body wash have Formaldehydes, fire retardants, colorings and other toxins.

I do find it disgraceful that these products used on our skin as well as children and baby’s skin are not tested regularly and seemingly without laws on what can and can’t go in such products. If there are laws it doesn’t seem as if anyone actually keeps the manufacturers in check. It’s no wonder that cancers are on the rise when so many products contain carcinogenic chemicals.

Baby furniture and linens

Sadly these are not exempt from the scourge of chemicals. Fire retardants are meant to save lives but do they or do they do as much damage with the toxic chemicals?

From the Guardian newspaper website

Can flame retardants cause harm?

  • Exposure to flame retardants, which are found in strollers, carpets, electronics and more, can affect the nervous and reproductive system
  • Scientists have found exposure to flame retardants can affect the nervous and reproductive system and more. An EPA report related to the risk evaluation process for HBCD, a type of flame retardant, references multiple studies finding potential effects on liver and thyroid function and the endocrine system. Some chemicals have also been linked to cancer.
  • Children are most vulnerable because their bodies and brains are developing, and they are often more exposed to flame retardant-laden products, such as carpets, toys and other items. Generally, people are exposed to these chemicals through household dust, contaminated food, air or water.

For Baby

Any furniture and clothing needed should be as organic as as possible. When it comes to things like cribs, cots,
beds, pushchairs, prams and mattresses, organic is safer, especially without fire retardants made with toxic chemicals.Baby 100% Natural Diaper Ointment 85g

Avoid baby and child products with chemicals in, like baby shampoo, wash and creams as that can lead to allergies,  digestive problems and apparently can lead to neurological issues, autoimmune problems and a weakening immune system. which is very common because of the toxicity.

From Burts Bees

Burt’s Bees Baby Diaper Ointment is 100% natural and has the maximum strength to protect and soothe your baby’s bottom providing long-lasting comfort.


Eco nappies now are readily available with plenty of choice. Kinder to babies delicate skin and to the environment ensuring they still have a world to enjoy.Mama Bamboo Trial Bundle (Full pack of nappies PLUS pack of wipes & free shipping) - Mama Bamboo


From Mama Bamboo.

Our award-winning eco-nappies and pull ups are made from the softest luxury breathable bamboo fibres and chlorine free wood pulp. Our 100% biodegradable bamboo baby wipes contain +99% pure water.

Voted “Best Performance Nappy Range” by Mother&Baby and “Best Eco-nappy” by MadeForMums.

From Mustela website

  • Modern textiles have come a long way since we were kids. Chemically produced synthetics — like polyester, acrylic, nylon, rayon, and spandex — are now made to feel soft and cuddly. Because of that, they can seem like a safe choice for dressing your baby. But you should stay away from synthetics whenever possible.
    Two reasons:
  1. Synthetic fabrics do not absorb sweat like natural fabrics.
  2. Synthetic fabrics do not let skin breathe.
  • Try to dress your baby in natural fabrics only. These include cotton, linen, silk, and hemp, just to name a few.
  • Whatever natural fabric you choose, it should be smooth, pliable, and pleasant to the touch. The only caveat to this “natural fibers” rule is you should avoid wool if at all possible. Even though wool is one of the most natural fabrics on the market and is excellent for keeping your baby warm, its rough texture can irritate your baby’s skin.

Baby FoodElla's Kitchen The Green One Multipack - 5 x 90g

Obviously breast feeding is best, if you can or want to. It doesn’t suit everyone and some cannot feed due to  problems that arise with mother or baby. Whichever way you go, formula or breast it is your choice and nothing to do with anyone else.

When it comes to weaning, then its time to look for what is best for your baby. Home made baby food is of course the best but not everyone has the time or inclination to do so.

Always go for the best you can afford and preferably organic. Why? Because organic ingredients have been used to make the food, whereas every day food has been sprayed with chemicals at least once.


  • People living near farms growing food crops experience greatly increased rates of illness and health problems.Spraying crops
  • This is the conclusion from a report summarizing 35 peer reviewed medical studies on this topic over the past 30 years. Scientists believe the increased rates of chronic and fatal illness occur from pesticides applied to food crops which then evaporate into surrounding air for days and weeks after application. When exposure occurs to young children or during pregnancy, the amount of harm is shown to increase significantly.
  • Fifteen medical conditions were found to occur at higher rates among families living close to agriculture. This included higher rates of birth defects, autism, infertility, miscarriage, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, higher rates of developmental brain damage to children and higher rates of child cancers including – leukemia, neuroblastoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and brain cancer. Immune system damage was demonstrated by observed higher rates of autoimmune disorders including arthritis, lupus and diabetes.


It is a very sad world where companies put profits before the health and lives of their customers. Worst of all, they don’t care that they could be condemning a child to a lifetime of illness due to their products.

The best way to protest their methods are with your purse/wallet/cards. When a lot of people stop buying products, the manufacturers change whats in them. A prime example of that was hydrogenated fats. When the papers discovered how damaging they were people listened, then they made change happen. It became a common sight to see people checking labels then going for a different product. With their products left on the shelves, those manufacturers had no choice but to change the ingredients they used.

People power can change a lot of things if they have the right motivation.

Ultimately we need to get the best organic eco friendly products we can for our babies and children. For ourselves too if we can.

Check what you buy for chemicals including cleaning products and even candles, is you use them regularly. Again, even with candles, natural is best.


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