Pregnancy and Exercise

Pregnancy and Exercise

So prescribing medicines in pregnancy  can be tricky, there as so many things to factor in. When it comes to pregnancy and exercise, the same thing is very true. There is never a one size fits all ideal. This is because we are all different with varying lifestyles, work, family dynamics, pre-existing conditions, age and … Read more

Eco Friendly Toys for Babies

Eco Friendly Toys for Babies

It’s that time of year when we buy more gifts than usual, although, lets face it, gifts are a year round thing. Birthdays, special occasions and even ‘just because’. Now that covers grandparents, aunts, uncles and all other family members as well as friends, who want to spoil your child. So lets go and find … Read more

Keep Baby Safe say No to Toxins

Keep Toxic Baby Safe say No to Toxins

Today is all about the toxins that affect your family and especially your children. It’s time to Keep Baby Safe, say No to Toxins, that poison our food, bodies, homes and planet. It’s surprising how many child and baby products have toxic ingredients in them. We all think that if they are gentle enough for … Read more

Potty Training made easy

For me this is very relevant right now as the youngest grandson is being potty trained. How hard can it be? How hard do you want to make it? Potty training made easy is much better all round, for everybody. Let me say here, that this is a perfectly natural process. It should be simple … Read more

Sleeping like a baby

Sleeping baby! Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Sleeping like a baby! It’s what most parents yearn for nowadays, a baby that sleeps in between feeds and at night. The little rosy faced sleeping cherub of our dreams. I don’t recall people discussing a baby’s lack of sleep when I had mine just over 40 years ago. … Read more

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