Easy Eco Baby

Easy eco friendly ideas for You, your baby and the planetwelcome, please come on.

Lot’s of useful hints and tips gleaned from years of being a parent and grandparent, plus 20 years working in a pharmacy. Guidelines change all the time as knowledge increases. One thing always remains constant, a baby needs love to thrive and grow in confidence.

As a parent your job is to keep your baby safe, it is also your job to help them to become independent as they grow. To give boundaries they can push against, to teach them to be adventurous and yet to understand there are dangers.


sleeping baby Easy Eco Baby

To encourage their imagination because those with imagination are the inventors and innovators of tomorrow.

Teach that actions have consequences and that regardless of what they do or say, you will always be there to pick them up, kiss away the tears and bring back the smiles and laughter.

Having a baby, nurturing that child to grow into a kind, caring, loving independent adult will be the hardest and most important job you ever do. They bring the greatest joy and the deepest hurt but i’ts an amazing and worthwhile journey to travel with them.

You will look at your new baby in wonderment that you created this tiny human being. When you think about the immense responsibility you have taken on, it will at times, scare you silly.

One thing to always remember is that nothing lasts. When you are ready to tear your hair out in frustration or exhaustion, remember that those times won’t last, each moment is fleeting and will never come again.baby hand in an adults hand.


I will write posts about what’s available and eco friendly products to take the hard work out of finding them for yourself. Giving you more time to spend with your precious baby and enjoy each milestone.

It gives a sense of satisfaction to know that you are doing your best for your baby, yourself  and your home by avoiding harsh chemicals and doing your best for the planet by buying eco friendly and sustainable products.

Enjoy and savour every moment, those are your memories to look back on.






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