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Hello and welcome to one and all.               

This blog will be a mix of great eco friendly ideas and products for your baby with tips and commonsense advice gathered from over 40 years of caring for my children and grandchildren.

Times change, medical advice changes, NHS advice and guidelines change and grandmothers watch it all go round and round.

Such as, have a routine, demand feed, routine, demand.

There wasn’t much advice about what to eat while pregnant when I had my children and even less for my mother and grandmother. We were supposed to use commonsense about eat healthily. Although to be fair, there wasn’t the plethora of fast food establishments, cafes, restaurants and takeaways like there are now.

Temptation is waving at you every minute, from mail, adverts on TV and internet, to the giant advertising boards everywhere, to mention but a few.

When it comes down to it though, it’s about personal choice.



If you eat healthily, it’s better for you and the baby.

But ………… sometimes you crave stuff that’s not healthy.


What to do?

It’s like all of life, it’s about balance.


Eat stuff that’s not so good for you if you feel the need and then balance it with healthy food.


Who do you to listen to?

Having listened to so many new mums with their doubts, fears and worries I thought maybe I could help in some small way. With families so spread out now it’s easy to lose the closeness you once had that meant you could talk about things that bother you. It becomes a habit to put a brave face on it and say you are fine and coping well.

Midwives and health visitors are strangers that have a check list and limited time because they have such a big list of people to get through. I know many new mums can feel too intimidated by these brisk professionals to actually lay out their worries.

There is so much information being thrown at us from all sides now, too much I often think.

Whatever you want to know about will have so many answers it would take forever to wade through it. Then when you do go through some, many often contradict each other so you become even more confused.

Whatever information you are given or read consider it carefully, if it resonates with you, feels right and makes sense, then take it on board. If not discard it.

Whatever you are told, ultimately what you do for you and your baby is YOUR choice. You gave birth to this little miracle and you know what is best for your baby because you know your baby best. Yes I know when you are sleep deprived, the small scrap of humanity with giant sized lung power will seem more nightmare than miracle but it will pass.

Whatever anyone says and however you interpret  others looks and words, YOU, are doing an amazing job. You created new life and will nurture this tiny being into adulthood and beyond.

When you look at your new baby, you want to give them the best that you can. Organic food and eco friendly products that are biodegradable, like nappies and products for their skin that isn’t full of harmful chemicals.

Having children makes us more aware of the environment and we realise that we don’t want to pass on a damaged planet to our children.


Well, certainly not more than it is. We want ot do our bit in however small a way we can because it’s important for the future, important to give them a future.


We want to pass on a  world, a planet, that can still nurture life.


Just letting you know.

I am NOT a medical professional. I did work in a pharmacy for 20 years and had to do many courses and give advice from my knowledge base but a pharmacist was always on hand if needed. Plus that knowledge learnt is probably outdated now.

If I mention medical advice at all, it will have the link it was sourced from, as everything will be researched to double check my own knowledge.  Hints and tips will be mine and those I have picked up from others, including my own daughters.


I hope you have enjoyed this introduction and will come back to visit again and again.

If you have a question, please ask. If I don’t know, I will do my best to find out.

Please share this post for others to enjoy.


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